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VOIP Service Providers

Are you looking to incorporate VOIP technology into your place of business? If so, we invite you to contact the telecommunications professionals at Acctel Communications Ltd. Over the years, we have introduced these cost-saving and efficient technologies into the workplaces of countless businesses.

Work with us when you want to bring your business into the 21st century. Call (604) 929-5239 now to schedule a no-obligation consultation with professionals.

VOIP Phone Service for You

Conventional telephone communications might have been the standard mode of communicating for decades, but there are other options available to you now. Countless advancements in broadband technology have shown us just how inefficient and unreliable the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) really is. Traditional landlines come with extra fees, are subject to outages, and can rarely accommodate all the calls that come and go in the modern-day workplace.

Thankfully, Voice Over Internet Phone (VOIP) communication is within your reach. Over the years, we have installed unique VOIP hardware in workplaces of all varieties. We know how to calibrate VOIP hardware to perfection. What’s more, we know how to address—and anticipate—the needs of our client’s unique work environments.

We are the ones to work with when you want in-bound and out-bound calls to make their way through the workplace without disruption.

Full-Service Customer Care

With over a decade of experience to our name, we’ve come to learn as much about the average client as we have about information technologies. We are the ones to work with when you want excellent IT services paired with quality customer service. Our patented approach to client care will leave you feeling seen and heard at every turn.

Look to us when you want:

  • Up-front quotes on all services
  • On-call tech support for you
  • Swift installation services
  • Easy to schedule consultations
  • Great rates on services
  • Professional and personable staff
  • And more

Are you eager to set up your new VOIP phone system? Your installation consultation awaits you. Contact us at your convenience.

VOIP Setup Made Simple

There are a lot of IT companies that simply install hardware and other components produced by others in the industry. Here, we take a full-service approach to the VOIP phone setup process. We are complete VOIP service providers, not resellers or in-and-out installation technicians.

We provide you with any necessary hardware, work with your broadband internet providers, and more. We do whatever needs to be done—and we do it flawlessly. Work with our valued team when you want a VOIP communications system that keeps you connected through the years.

Speak with True Telecommunications Experts

VOIP solutions are the way of the future. Wouldn’t it be nice to forgo the installation of a telephone line and make use of the broadband infrastructure that already exists in your place of work? We think so—and millions of other companies around the globe do, too.

Say goodbye to unnecessary phone fees and unreliable connections—and say hello to your very own VOIP phone system. Call (604) 929-5239 now to speak with our celebrated IT experts.

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